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Anima Mundi

From July 21 to 30

We are delighted to present the recent works of Virginie Hucher during an open house this Saturday, July 23 at 18 rue Séguier, 75006 Paris.


International Design Parade Festival

Virginie Hucher at the Noailles villa

Discover the work of Virginie Hucher during the International Design Parade in Hyères, in the Villa NoaillesThe Design Parade is organised by Lauranne Elise Schmitt and the artists' works rhyme with the Mediterranean. The honorary president for the 2022 edition is interior architect Rodolphe Parente and the president of the jury is Dutch designer Ineke Hans.   

Photos : Lauranne Elise Schmitt  

Upcoming exhibitions

Les trames du possible - september 2022

Juliette Lemontey & Guido de Zan - October 2022

Nick Mcphail - October 2022

Victor Cadene - December 2022

Nicolas Lefebvre - December 2022

Photo Saint Germain - November 2022

Past exhibitions


Cheminements, a solo show by Claire de Chavagnac Brugnon

November 12 to November 30, 2018

The works by Claire de Chavagnac Brugnon are the marks of the memories, the result of numerous travels around the world, in China, India, Stockholm, Spain, Australia... and  "always elsewhere, to trace each time differently, at another temperature, with the tones of a new atmosphere, the resonance of the places she has crossed ".

Claire travels around  the planet, armed with a travel diary and poses there as random preparatory works, paths without result following a linear mesh.

The juxtaposition of simple, repetitive signs, like the rhythm of passing time.

The colors, the materials and the gestures like the remains of the atmosphere of the destination.

Claire does not know in advance what it will do for her, much like a writer would take notes for a future manuscript, or a musician who would annotate his score.

Then she organizes later, on her return, the work on canvas. It is a mental wandering and the work weaves slowly but calmly and silently; from the sketchbook to the final performance. Each travel diary is the memory support of the artist for the realization of a canvas.

Always composed with a cyclic rhythm resulting from this repetition and distribution of traits, more or less mastered, more or less fine, more or less intertwined, with pigments, binders, acrylics and skin glues to give life to what the artist calls the "texture of time".

Amelie du Chalard