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Victor Cadene - December 2022

Meeting and book signing
Thursday, December 1
from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Seguier Gallery


at 18 rue Seguier 75006
backyard on the right on the ground floor

Victor Cadene, decorative artist with multiple practices, creates decorative scenes in two dimensions from his drawings which he cuts out and assembles into collages. More than the precision of the line, it is the spontaneity of the composition that he seeks and the emotion of the color, essential to his work. He wants them opulent and theatrical, oscillating between exuberance and harmony.

A profusion of details enliven his works, which reflect his interest in the decorative arts in the broad sense. In particular, we can guess the influence of Baroque painting and the Rococo style, the Nabis and Matisse or even the productions of Paul Poiret's Atelier Martine.

"It's a very spontaneous and instinctive work, always linked to the field of decorative arts, but which will above all come to be emphasized by my work of colors and patterns. My drawings, I have the will that it be like a know- to do in this area, but which at the same time leads us towards a much more contemplative and much more dreamlike illustration.

I want to create as a form of aesthetics that belongs to me and in which we find all the works, all the different mediums that inspire me as a creator."


Ligne et Roset

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