Mind Road

Mind Road, a collective exhibition by Alice Quaresma and Bling. Studio

September 26, to October 12, 2019

Everything here is a question of balance. 

Balance in space.
A balance between forms.
Balance in the mixing of materials and colours.

Alice Quaresma intervenes on her photographs- support of her memory and her travels.

Printed in a single copy, her photographs are worked with pencil, paint and collage. Here, one shape frames the sea, the other underlines the sky, the mountain dances with volumes: another landscape appears.

camera embedded in her thoughts, we follow her playful peregrinations.

Bling Studio creates mobiles. These highly graphic aerial drawings cut through space and move gradually to reveal new compositions. In their movement, the various materials - steel, mirror, resin, brass - interact with its environments: light is reflected, the mirror plays with the decor, and the resin changes shade. The spectator also participates in this slow process.

Amélie du Chalard

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Past exhibitions

En forme

En forme, a group exhibition featuring Anouk Albertini, Christophe Gravis and Frédéric Heurlier Cimolaï

September 10, to October 5, 2018

LA FORME is "the link" between three our artists

You can feel this link in all its states: structure, regularity and geometry with Christophe Gravis ;it fits and superimposes itself in works by Frédéric Cimolai and it  finds itself refined and minimalistic at Anouk Albertini's sculptures.

And just like this, all in their own way, they answer each other perfectly, in colour and in harmony. It is surprising to see them complement and soften in the same formal movement.

Christophe Gravis does not paint the painting but composes it in ordered and rigorous constructions associating, prepared collages. The artist plays colors and overlays to trap the eye in simple montages that do not require a reading but just to see.

With Frédéric Heurlier Cimolai: on the contrary, we paint the painting, we feel it, we guess the drawing of the brush, accentuated by the use of the tempera. This makes it possible to obtain unique materials and colors - an explosive manganese blue or a bright fir tree.
Most of the time the forms gather in the central area of ​​the painting and sometimes they invade the canvas in a delightful entanglement. The bottom also has its importance, whitewashed, united, it allows to vibrate or float the forms.

Anouk Albertini focuses on the simplicity of forms, elementary, timeless and universal. Her abstract sculptures are reduced to solid forms, earth or limestone, polished and white as snow, which suggest couples or families. The elements are either assembled in the material or composing and we enjoy to move them: we have the feeling of shape.

Amelie du Chalard

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