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Ainsi de suite

Nadine Altmayer & Christian Grelier

From january 19th until february 1

Christian Grelier

Track - Exist

Lifelines on appeal,
high voltage
under the fingers of a painter.

Track - Exist
Palmless - Lost!

Does he know that the day I've met Christian Grelier, I have experienced his workshop almost alone?
No weft, no weaving, no network, no canvas, no object or subject,
or all that, if you want.
As in the palm of your hand, palm spreads out,
a drawing, a lifeline,
your secret plans.

Michèle Cointe

Nadine Altmayer

"I work on textile as the support of a questioning focused on the theme of “Composing-Disintegrating- Recomposing” thus refusing the limitation of the textile expression to one single technique or medium. 

Whether it be weaved or shaped with reused material, the constructed canvas is a surface which is heavy with materials, textures and volumes, an homogeneous combination defining a source of visual and deep-seated  sensations.

From a methodical and technical practice, which includes the construction of a framework, it is essential for me to dissolve the identity and the initial appearance of the created surface into a long degradation process.  A radical metamorphosis created by a work of reconstruction and restoration then occurs.

Within this accelerated succession, and the narrow relation that my textiles have with wear, tear, trace and memory, I build a place of existence where time awareness and the link with daily use are deleted."

Nadine Altmayer


Ligne et Roset

Discover our curation on the occasion of our collaboration with Ligne et Roset, with artworks by Anne Commet, Catherine Danou, Delphine de Luppé, Florence Nérisson, Florence Denou, Frédéric Prat, François Bonnel, Julie Wolfe, Ludovic Philippon, Naoki Kawano, Olivier Umecker, Renaud Gilles and Tanguy Tolila. 

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Christian Le Dorzet curation - April 2023

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