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Anima Mundi

From July 21 to 30

We are delighted to present the recent works of Virginie Hucher during an open house this Saturday, July 23 at 18 rue Séguier, 75006 Paris.


International Design Parade Festival

Virginie Hucher at the Noailles villa

Discover the work of Virginie Hucher during the International Design Parade in Hyères, in the Villa NoaillesThe Design Parade is organised by Lauranne Elise Schmitt and the artists' works rhyme with the Mediterranean. The honorary president for the 2022 edition is interior architect Rodolphe Parente and the president of the jury is Dutch designer Ineke Hans.   

Photos : Lauranne Elise Schmitt  

Upcoming exhibitions

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Past exhibitions

Supports studieux

Supports studieux, a group exhibition with Tanguy Tolila and Delphine de Luppé

September 4 to October 31, 2017

I always liked the "Support-Surface" movement.

I like the idea of ​​"active" support, that the support of the work does not disappear under the painting and that it becomes even the central element.

At Tanguy Tolila,
- The support of his Open Books - old covers - imposes his trace: play the patina of a binding, let guess a title, bypass a subtle detail to better consider ...
- In his series Cartes, folds and wear of nautical charts come to punctuate the paper and become part of the work.
- In his scores, the notes give the rhythm of the plot and frame the color variations to revive the music.

At Delphine de Luppé,
The medium and its contents become a source of inspiration: a text, a sketch, a plan, a photo, as much starting point to build a series.
- In the series Recoveries, old industrial designs are revived by a composition of repetitive patterns.
- In the Ravalées, the reproductions of sculptures of the Middle Ages are crossed by stylized bridges and the drawing of an architectural masterpiece is completed with the stick of oil in the series Monuments.
- In the Theaters series, an element of an archive drawing becomes the heart of its composition ... with all the originality and poetry that Delphine has already accustomed us to.

Let's go together in search of the time found ...

Amelie du Chalard