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Les trames du possible - september 2022

from september 8th to 24th

Amélie du Chalard, assisted by Johanna Colombatti, auctioneer and design expert and design expert, open the third chapter of a series of exhibitions with Les Trames du Possible, to be held from September 8 to 24, 2022, at Amelie Maison d'Art, 18 rue Séguier. This new curation follows two previous exhibitions around Italian design and, in 2021, around Japanese contemporary creation.

This time, it is the theme of contemporary textile creation that is proposed through a selection of artists whose medium of choice it is: Nadine Altmayer - Beatrice Cossutti - Aggeliki Dimitriadou - Matilda Dominique - Patricia Kelly - Lizzie Kimbley - Agnes Dosmas Krier - Youngmin Lee - Sanaa Mejjadi - Jessie Mordine - Misako Nakahira - Jessica Ozlo - Taylor Kibby - Abigail Booth

Opening thursday 8th september, from 6pm to 9pm


Amelie, maison d'art x BELLE n.m BEAU n.f

From august 15 to september 15

We are very happy to present you this collaboration with the Arles gallery Belle n.m. Beau n.f.
Come and discover the works of 20 of our artists from Monday to Saturday every day from 4pm to 8pm and by appointment in this charming place at 14 rue Grille in Arles!

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Past exhibitions


Anima Mundi

From July 21 to 30

We are delighted to present the recent works of Virginie Hucher during an open house this Saturday, July 23 at 18 rue Séguier, 75006 Paris.