Borderless, Borderless, Jezzine, Lebanon

  • Borderless, Liban
  • Borderless, Liban

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  • Borderless, Liban
  • Borderless, Liban
  • Artist : Sara Badr Schmidt
  • Technique : Photography on textured paper
  • Date : 2013
  • Dimensions : (H) 23.62 (W) 39.37 (inches)
  • Copy : 1/8

This photo was taken at the Lebanese-Israeli border, which is totally sealed. Illusions reassure the human being and borders are part of the great illusions. This seemed all the more obvious to me as I contemplated the vast open expanse of sky just above this place. My diverse origins inspire me to see a world without borders. This vision is at the origin of the Borderless project.

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