Artists Residency presentation

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Artists Residency presentation

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 WHAT & WHY - Amelie Maison d’art Gallery


Amelie Maison d’art Gallery

We decided to open an art residency this year to offer to the artist the ideal environment to devote time to the evolution of their practice, all whilst benefitting from different work spaces, new influences and encounters. It also offers foreign artists the opportunity to discover France, to be inspired by its local history and to foster cultural exchanges.


Location & history

The Art Residency is located in Provence, between the famous village of Baux de Provence (10 min walk) and the village of Maussane (10 min walk).

The village of the Baux de Provence is situated in the heart of the Alpilles on a rocky plateau 245m high. A brilliant view of Arles, the Camargue and the Alpilles can be seen from the look-out points.

The village is officially classified and labelled as «one of the most beautiful villages in France» thanks to its exceptionally rich cultural heritage, with 22 architectural treasures classified as «Historic Monuments» (including the church, chateau, town- hall, hospital, chapels, houses, doorways... without counting items of furniture and a collection of paintings).

The house is a traditional Provence house of the 17th century.

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 WHEN - Organization



Our Artist Residency program welcomes contemporary artists to realize an individual, multiform project that matches their artistic practice.

Usually 2 to 3 artists work and stay at the same time at the site, so that there is always enough personal space for concentration and creation.

The residence will be open the months of February, March, April, September and October of each year. Resident artists can apply for a period of two weeks to one month. For the smooth running of the schedules and the organization, we ask you to choose complete weeks, to arrive at the beginning or the end of the week, to leave at the beginning or the end of the week. You will not be able to arrive in the middle of the week." mod='abz_page_residence'}

Applying for an Artist Residency in 2023 will be possible as of September 2022. The deadline is December 31st, 2022.

All residents are invited to create works during the residency with the aim of entrusting them to the gallery which will exhibit them in its space in Paris.

Residents are expected to be able to work autonomously and finalise their project independently.



The artists are not selected based on age or renown, but on the originality and quality of their discourse and aesthetic language.

Priority is given to international residents.

The gallery is offering with the Residency:

  • Organized transfer from the train station to the Residence if needed
  • Guardian of the house Martine, housekeeper
  • 300 euro grant for your equipment
  • Help in transporting the works to the residence if needed
  • Repatriation of the works to the gallery
  • The cleaning which is done each week

Partners and children are welcome at no extra cost. Please mention this in your application. All other costs are to be paid by the artist.

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Living and working in Mas Molière

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 OVERVIEW - Amelie Maison d’art Gallery


Nick Mcphail - September 2022

"I love the work I made at the studio in Provence. Because of the time constraints- I didn’t have time to overthink the paintings. It’s really stressful, but also kind of nice to work under pressure like that. I think the work ends up being a little more raw, more sketchy, maybe a little more frantic. I pushed myself and my process, and I broke into some different ways of dealing with composition and perspective. The light in that region is a totally different experience than anything I’m used to. It’s all encompassing, especially at dusk. For me it was a little overwhelming- everything was almost glowing. 

I like to refer to my work as a memory of a place. I think it will be really interesting to see how my reflections on the time I spent in Provence will seep into my future paintings. I often like to look back at photographs I’ve taken in the past, and ideas from those photographs tend to influence the current paintings. Around half of the paintings I made were sourced from photos I took in France, however all of the paintings were influenced by the region. It's not so much about location to me, it's more about my experience with the painting as I work through it."

Nick Mcphail
Nick Mcphail
Nick Mcphail
Nick Mcphail

Elynor Smithwick - Spring 2022

"Being lucky enough to have seen a plethora of paintings by my favourite French artists on this residency, I felt encouraged to continue themes of mostly landscape and interiors I came into contact with. Travelling through the Provence region and Paris have informed these paintings, along with the time spent at the villa where my studio was. I couldn’t help but be enveloped by the countryside here as I began the days. The hot sun beaming down on the wide, green garden of trees and flowers. The long, purple lavender adorned with bees, butterflies and Hummingbird hawk-moths. The clear blue pool reflecting light, refreshing me. I’d step out of the studio for air, take walks and explore the sights of the South of France and let it out into the paintings."

Alice Quaresma - Spring 2022

Hidden Gardens

Hidden Gardens was created with photos I have taken in Paris and in the Provence region (south of France). Each work carries a composition using images taken in both places to create the illusion of hidden landscapes (like Parisian gardens). My work is constantly looking for new ways to look at familiar places but creating moments of surprises. This series continues to evolve on my interest to explore photography beyond it’s descriptive quality with the use of color paint. In this series the geometrical paint marks invite the viewer to create their relationship between image and abstract forms. The need of the human mind to find logic and find a sense of geographical space in a photo base work takes each viewer to create their own reasoning on each work.