The Concept


Amélie Du Chalard


From the beginning, our idea has been that of abstract contemporary art, which seems to us to be the most active expression of the creative freedom of each artist who must create his or her pictorial vocabulary.

In contrast to figuration, abstraction allows a limitless field of interpretation, where the imagination of each individual is tested. Never seeing the same thing twice in a painting, that is the strength of abstraction.


We want to bring forth a new generation of artists who deserve a prominent place in the art market.

Our artists are either young or already collected by prestigious collectors, but they all have in common their talent and potential that our committee of experts acknowledged.

Our mission is to accompany them in their work, to increase their visibility, their notoriety and their standing.

To promote their work, we allow them to exhibit in a gallery with a unique and exceptional format in the heart of historic-artistic Paris (75009). We make them work on remarkable projects on behalf of private collectors and significant patron groups all over the world. Finally, we support them by publishing numerous works (texts and catalogues) in collaboration with renowned art historians.


We want to build an alternative to the traditional galleries, often perceived as too elitist and intimidating.

Whether they are young amateurs or expert connoisseurs, we want to guide our collectors in the development of their artistic sensitivity and in the construction overtime of their collection to make it a success.

In our Parisian Art Room, collectors can, therefore, discover the works of our artists, in a space designed like a house, like their house.

Therefore to help them choose, we offer them personalized services ranging from artistic advice to hanging to a digital simulation of the works in their spaces.

The Concept


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Press coverage

"Amélie is a contemporary art gallery whose hybrid and avant-garde format rethinks and unravels the codes of the genre."
Milk Decoration