Charlotte Culot

Tisser la couleur

16th January to 20th January, 2020

It was during a visit to Château La Coste in 2018 that Charlotte Culot discovered a tapestry woven from a cardboard box by Le Corbusier. Struck by the modernity of this piece, she realized that she would like to transpose her works into a carpet. She came to discover the exhibition devoted to Etel Adnan, whose writings Charlotte admired, and this desire was confirmed when she noticed that the artist had also had some of her works woven in Aubusson.

The signal is clearly given, Charlotte Culot decides to follow this new path which will enrich and prolong her career as a painter that began in 1990.

This project of "weaving colour" will take shape when she meets the colourist and textile collection director Perrine Blaise who will coordinate the adaptation of the paintings, the transposition of colours and guide the choice of the production workshop.

The weavers will be Nepalese, chosen for their skill in demanding projects. Hand-spun Tibetan wool, silk and linen, dyes controlled with particular care, the collection of hand-knotted carpets Rhizomes * carpet by artist is born.

It is a long chain linking plant, animal and human, a global and spiritual notion, essential in Charlotte's universe.
The first carpet will be presented at the Château de Vogüé in the summer of 2018, during the exhibition Couleurs. Magnified by the castle's Salle des Etats, the carpet is presented vertically, reminiscent of wall tapestries. This proposal is dear to her because it affirms the link with her painted work.

The edition of one drawing is limited to 8 copies, some of the artist's very colourful works are deliberately transposed into a subtle palette of white tones with a rhythm of grey and black. Others reflect the power of collages with bright tones, emblematic of Charlotte Culot's work.

*Rhizomes for connections, ramifications, energy reservoirs.

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