The Concept

Amélie Du Chalard

The Founder

Daughter of an artist, I certainly do not have the "brush stroke", but I always had a taster for art. Spending time in shows, fairs and galleries has always been my main hobby and has allowed me to meet lot of very talented artists.

I quickly helped friends and relatives find artwork they were looking for. Thus, I noticed that the desire to purchase artworks was very strong, but due to lack of time and knowledge of this impressive environment, it was difficult to find happiness…

Therefore, I gradually became the eye of my entourage and I adored it. After years in banking business, the gallery was born that way, simply and naturally.

Amélie du Chalard

How does it work ?

Amélie Maison d'art is an innovative concept of contemporary art gallery which associates with its spaces - Art Rooms (Paris and London) - a website which allows to discover a large part of the works of its artists.

In the Art Room, novices and more assertive collectors can, by appointment, project themselves into a warm space, as a house, before acquiring the work of their choice. new breath to traditional galleries often perceived by art lovers as too intimidating.

We support collectors and stimulate their sensibilities through a unique DNA:

  • - A bold artistic bias: abstraction
  • - A variety of mediums and techniques: painting, sculpture, work on paper, video, photography, etc.
  • - With professional artists with artistic approaches taken at different times of their career (from young artists to established artists)
  • - An inspiring aesthetic dimension
  • - Very personalized services and support

The Concept


I choose my favorites works.


I make an appointment in the Art Room


I purchase the artwork and have 15 days to change it if necessary.

Press coverage !

"Amélie is a contemporary art gallery whose hybrid and avant-garde format rethinks and unravels the codes of the genre."
Milk Decoration

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