•  Victor Cadene
  •  Victor Cadene

Oeuvres de papier - Victor Cadene

He draws instinctively around some chromatic vibration ... In his paper scenographies, a little theater of a dream daily, he imagines miniature and baroque architectures where opulent patterns and colors reign supreme. Each element is drawn by hand before being cut with a scalpel then refined, retouched, laid, glued, touched to reach the perfection of the moment. The paper then takes shape in the form of successive layers seeking concordance, time suspended and the capture of a dream come true of paper. An intuitive, spontaneous and ornamental work, which borrows from the Decorative Arts out of a frame, which has become, under Victor's pencil, a signature format. The drawing then becomes the model and comes to life in decorative settings; it is transformed into wallpapers, fabrics and dreamlike scenographies, like his collaborations for the Parisian windows of Shang Xia or with his series of exclusive illustrations for the Diptyque house.

  • Auteur : Victor Cadene
  • Publication : Amelie Edition
  • Date : December 2022
  • Dimensions : (H) 13.78 (W) 9.84 x (D) 1.18 (inches)
  • Language : Français
  • Number of pages : 200

60 €