Sébastien Kito


Biography and career

Sébastien Kito

Sébastien Kito, born of a Japanese father and a French mother, explores through his work this double culture. The singular relations that he establishes between the work and the space, are close to the Japanese concept of "ma", which represents the spatial or temporal interval between two things, as important as the two elements which limit it.

The profile of his works is also reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy.He is received in 1985 at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, he attended the workshop Pierre Alechinsky where he tries to find the influences of abstract Cobra that his father Akira knew in the 50s. Sebastien Kito is currently investigating the shape and color of mobile sculptures, articulated and hollow, often carrying anthropomorphic or animal reminiscences.

His sculptures are all modular and are funny invitations to understand the space of the work. They encourage to interact with it by transforming it by a game of moving parts. The works appear as permanently changing spaces, latent sculptures that evolve according to the encounters and the hands that manipulate them.

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