Teresa van Dongen



Teresa van Dongen

Nature and science have always marveled Teresa, for that reason she chose to study biology after she finished 

her high school education. This is where she discovered that there are many secrets of nature that remain almost unknown and that great developments in the field of science very often don't make it outside the doors of a laboratory. Next to her scientific education she had never given up on her creative hobbies like scenography (theater stage design), sketching and her interest for interior architecture. This combination of fascinations lead her to apply in 2010, after two years of exact studies, for the Design Academy Eindhoven. 

Teresa is a.o. fascinated by light as a translation of energy, the transparency of glass and what it beholds and the physics of movement. She loves to think that it is great to understand the languages of physics, chemistry and biology but that the greater value lies in collaborations with people that can continue to surprise and inspire you with their knowledge.

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