Elisabeth Von Wrede



Elisabeth Von Wrede

A colourist at the beginning, and  to my knowledge the only artist to work the white after highly stressed colours like a very loud music, her approach is completely original and brilliant, showing undeniable grandeur. The painter is the reflection of  lives filled with emotions, she deals with the  violence of our personal journeys with dynamism and power, in an insane passion, then, becomes patient, slows her pace and deposits softness and  poetry, with her celebrated  ‘whites’ applied with a knife. In addition to her special and limited series she still offers one advantage… one secret per canvas… and it is not all… this secrecy is unique!

Indeed, thanks to an exclusive document given to him by the artist in person, the purchaser of this great square of fabric will be the only one to know  its precise significance, the exact secret text that she had written about her work, first in her own hand and then mainly covered with  marvellous inspiration, variations and revelations…  The subjects of the secrets are vast: desire, peace, chance, meaning, future, etc… Here is for you an undeniable advantage and an exclusive way to understand the secret thoughts… of such a contemporary and innovative artist.

Pierre Creet 

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