Dyanna Dimick

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Dyanna Dimick

Mixed media artist, Dyanna Dimick, lets material and her eco-friendly lifestyle drive her creative process. Her creations are an exploration of color, texture and juxtaposition.

Dyanna always felt the need to create.  She studied fine art and practiced sculpture at the University of California, Santa Cruz to receive her BA. Dyanna gladly embraces mixing materials. She enjoys objects so it's a battle to keep a work 2D. She also appreciates the idea of reuse. Turning items once consumed and discarded, back into a desired piece. Dyanna sees just about everything as a material. Conscious of the consumerism cycle, she'd rather find all of her materials rather than buy them. We live with pollution. It's part of our world, we accept it and it becomes invisible. Dyanna seamlessly adds found material to her work as part of her palette.

Dyanna often focuses on the idea behind the piece, as well as the exploration of materials. She is interested in the obsession with consumerism and vanity in our culture. Also the idea of work, money and the entitlement that comes along with it, in many people. Her recent work focuses on these concepts mixed with colors and shapes from nature, since the ideas are so contrasting.

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