Marine Vu

Work on paper


Marine Vu

These works on canvas and paper invite to dive beyond the surface of the image, giving a consistency to the immateriality of the plan and a chance to the imperceptible.

At first glance, the pattern silently takes form in the frame itself of a blank canvas or sheet, to unfold itself by opening the field.

Intermingling the background and the shape, the front and the back, the place and the back, lines and plans stretched then telescope, multiply and unfold, within a tiny but infinite space, without over- below.

Inviting to go back and forth between the background, the surface and the outlines of the image. To observe what is surfacing. Echo of the complex essence of what at bottom moves us, binds us and separates us. We are unifying.

"We can live only in the half-open, exactly on the hermetic line of sharing the shadow and the light. But we are irresistibly thrown forward. All our person ready helps and vertigo this thrust.

René Char

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