Dominique Grisoni


Biography and career

Dominique Grisoni

For the past 20 years, Dominique Grisoni has adopted an original, powerful and yet serene pictorial approach. 

At the beginning, there are the materials : oil, sand and pigments, among others, materials which she blends then processes and transforms prior to restitution. And ultimately, there is the elsewhere, and there are signs and space and time in a constant quest for chromatic harmony.

Following on from the natural tones of the desert in her paintings, one observes the colours of time that impact on the subject matter. Often lit up by a glint of light, her paintings hence evoke old leather, rust metal and manuscripts; remnants and traces of the past.

More recently, the artist has started to explore shades of sepia, grey and white. In an urban setting, people sometimes flit across her paintings as solitary figures or in groups before melting away, as the towns themselves appear to do. Light is always present and even in her darker works, it gleams in the background and engages the eye. 

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