Charlotte Jonerheim

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Biography and career

Charlotte Jonerheim

"This series of collages are based on imaginary spaces, intimate or secret places where the tactile surface acts like a membrane for contemplation."

This particular body of work takes inspiration from George Perec’s idea about the infra-ordinary. It refers both the space we are surrounded by and the relationship we have with it, as well as the materials being used.

In his book, Species of Spaces and Other Pieces, he talks about the space that is close to us - the place we live in and what is in our immediate surroundings.

The work on paper is made in response of looking at the urban, quotidian living, particular spaces we see everyday but stop noticing.

“There isn’t one space, a beautiful space, a beautiful space round about, a beautiful space all around us, there’s a whole lot of small bits of space….” 

Charlotte Jonerheim studied sculpture at Slade School of Art and did her MA at Chelsea School of Art in 2012

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