Florence Victor



Florence Victor

I have always been interested in comparative studies; oppositions and links. After my studies in literature and theater, I went to Paris, France. While spending day after day visiting the museums, I found in visual arts what I had been looking for in acting: commitment, intensity, communion, density. When I came back to Montreal, I went to art school. I began with sculpture and welding classes. I was attracted to monumental structures and paradoxically, at the same time, to fragility. Then, slowly, I drifted toward painting.

Urban architecture — construction & deconstruction — has been for a long time the inspiration for my work. I was reading a lot and the books and monologues I had studied were constantly coming back to my mind, adding another dimension to my work.

Through literature, my paintings would be about human condition: life’s fragility, hope, love, rupture and solitude. Urban landscape would stay but would become metaphorical. From the city, I would use atmosphere, ugliness, dirt and void. My work has always stayed attached to those two poles: urban space and literature, finding in them material, structure and rhythm.

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