Catherine Danou

Work on paper


Catherine Danou

Catherine Danou's paintings are both the art of confrontation and avoidance. Confrontation like those marks from the stamp that complete the boxes of an infinite form -a brutal list extended without limit- and avoidance which allows the suspension of this tragic testimony. What do we see in those perfectly coherent paintings ? A pattern seems to repeat itself endlessly, always the same and always different. We sometimes believe to detect fingerprints. But they are no footprints. Maybe the signature, the record of an imaginary book. Edges are not well cut, and sometimes are a little torn.

Catherine Danou plays with the transparency of materials , but also, according to what she wants to show below, the frame, the paper and the carrier replace one another. Catherine Danou plays with the superposition of frames and materials as if they were both skins charged with the past, the experience, stamped and injured, and however naked, ready for a new life."One is not born free, one becomes free" to paraphrase Simone de Beauvoir. And that, only the gesture of the artist can make it understandable.

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