Raphaëlle Boutié



Raphaëlle Boutié

In Raphaëlle Boutié’s work, it is the energy of a gesture that exposes itself to the frontality of the landscape: the places where she goes are her reasons to paint ... Hot and cold colored flows are confronted at the heart of a same surface without being canceled ... Pieces of nature seem projected on the canvas and rendered to themselves in a single pictorial gesture.

She interprets the pattern by tilting the image into non-figuration while protecting it. Impregnated by the implacable light of the South, she declines the places in a thousand ways. The color is its strength, "the animal part of the painting" said Ingres the draftsman. Here, it overflows, invades space, flows like lava, like water, like the blood of sacrificed animals, gushes like a waterfall, ample as the day, rises, violent as the breath of the Mistral. Ileana Cornea.

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