Hélène Durdilly



Hélène Durdilly

"I start by wearing out the frame (paper in general). I scrape with a stonemason’s spatula; I come up against the tiny bumps in the wall or on the ground. Holes and, lumps are shaped. Sometimes, it is a way for colour to break in. The frame has become an unlimited stretch. Within this whiteness scattered with accidents,  drawing is invasive. The background (emptiness) makes a dent in it, breaks it and goes through  it.

I am not looking for composition; I stop in a nearly random manner. I like it when the result is wobbly, open, in order for the background (the white one) to find it first availability. Because the latter will determine the path."

Hélène Durdilly

“ Hélène has an economic and spiritual approach to the field. As time drifts, the line also drifts. And the least move leads to the reevaluation of all harmony. If the stroke heads towards what should be kept empty, it becomes dizzy, cruises by or slides obliquely,  serene and liberated from the  worry of a confrontation.”

 Maurice Benhamou (La Pile)

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