Christophe Dentin



Christophe Dentin

"Precision and strictness of raw steel’s sections that framed and de-framed softness and the gleam of eternal suspended or re-started movements: people following the started work of Christophe Dentin since few years, will rediscover easily his touch and his wish to create/install a universe.

Once again, his video sculptures are proposing us a dialogue or a confrontation between material, shapes and images. As a starting point, a selection of images within more that 200 video folders recovering our cinematographic memory, from the past to nowadays.

Retained by their pertinence, they are then reframed, reworked in their luminosity, contrast, colours or pixels’ grains. Then, put together/assembled by three in order to create a loop turning ad infinitum. If there were a perfect loop ?"

Objet et espace by Dominique Sellier

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