Elisabeth Raphaël



Elisabeth Raphaël

My sculptures are often created from the dazzling reading of books and the artistic commitment fostered by the thoughts of my masters:  Emmanuel Lévinas, Edmond Jabès and Marc-Alain Ouaknin.

What shall I say about the dialogue that has been going on with books for several years? What shall I say of the poetic journey that leads to the materiality of shapes and the choice of materials? How can words describe the mysterious metamorphosis of text into form. ? Are books a source of inspiration , a friendly hand that leads to  new questions and to challenging the limits of the possible? Questions are asked never to be answered. The artist can only give a few keys to his love relationship with the fertilizing speech that nurtures him.

The radicalism of an artist's commitment, when it is both an ethical and a poetic search, is generally rooted in a wound, which blooms into light.

The sculptor, like the painter and the poet, endeavours to push back the limits of language to say what cannot be said so as to shape the original word.

Being utterly hospitable, books suggest innumerable readings and infinite interpretations. They are written as they are read.”Each reading, each study is a renewal, an opening, a burst of sentences ,  words and letters until they fade away  to maybe generate a beam of light.”

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