Quentin Carnaille



Quentin Carnaille

Concentrated on the notion of Time, Quentin Carnaille releases timepieces from their mechanical arrangement by giving them a new poetic aesthetic, he invites man to his own emancipation. Both abstract and figurative, these artworks are intended as a singular production.

The series, entirely made from timepieces and magnets, dedicates this notion of Time. An unalterable Time which nevertheless modifies all things and participates in the metamorphosis of matter. The systematic presence of magnets gives his work an invisible force, a universal attraction. Quentin Carnaille tells us about a relative time. The Time of Space with its "Weightlessness" and abstract sculptures, the Time of Man with his human representations.

"Time only makes sense in the evolution of matter that is constantly changing its form and organization.Man is an extraordinary catalyst for this transformation, a real actor in the metamorphosis of matter"

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