Michelle Winckler



Michelle Winckler

Born by the ocean, Michelle Winckler calls on her memories and tries to take along the observer towards her own poetic journey. Her work expresses the resonance of the gesture on the material, the print as infinite radiance, discrete vibration, a legacy of a meeting between the artist and the body of  nature.

As a curious woman, her sensitivity intuitively leads towards materials, which bear the trace of time. Rusted metal, stuffed with memories, a remembrance of things past, the labour of men and her father whose memory she wants to honor. Glass, a complex, generous, demanding material obtained by fusion, turning from a liquid to a solid state.

Sometimes opaque or crystal clear, irradiated from the very inside of the works , it attracts light and directs it.  Choosing wood is an adventure, since it keeps the memory of a  long vegetable life.  A living material, it is close to us: it has a heart; it breathes, works, ages, and dries. 

Thirsting for discoveries, Michelle Winckler likes the unknown, getting acquainted with new methods, tracing and following grooves of an ever- renewed experiment. In the course of time, this unexplainable yearning for creation feeds her work with an inexhaustible energy.

A sensitive observer, her eye is set on the imperceptible strangeness of the details and makes it the source of her major inspiration. There is no message to convey, simply the history of feelings gleaned here and there and  then transcribed to be shared.

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