Jean-Jacques Lapoirie



Jean-Jacques Lapoirie

« Stone is fitted into wood, wood fitted into stone.  From stone or wood, something is seeping, edging its way and melting. In the veins of wood or stone non- linguistic signs define their shape. Jean-Jacques Lapoirie has become a master in venula arrangement and constantly draws up a renewed catalogue.

A chosen colour is petrified and fixed after intelligent probing. What is gnawed from the inside goes back to surface. A sculptor, Jean-Jacques Lapoirie reveals it and engraves it with meaningful signs.He has managed to avoid  two pitfalls: trendy concepts and decoration which would convey a nostalgia of things past.

Where did his proposals come from? From a craftsman’s practice of sculpture, from the manufacturing of paper and various objects. Their exposure moves the lines; it turns representations into patterns whose references move away and break loose.

We can follow the course of the engraver on the material of his slab. Both literally and metaphorically, he digs his own groove, in the network of the possible paths. Jean-Jacques Lapoirie builds hybrid spaces, thanks to a device of abundant productions, in order to lose his bearings while preserving an element of surprise.

Generated by wood and stone, deterritorialisation and the movements of nature are evoked: with salmons, grasshoppers, solar or magnetic storms… From a matter organized in its infinitely varied frictions, its modifications, Jean-Jacques Lapoirie unveils the “resultant”: a given moment of the sharp-edged point which releases the impatience of a swirl,of a flow,  of currents. He moves the fitting modes by establishing the combination of possible universes. »

Jean-Louis Vincendeau

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