Jean-Charles Millepied


Biography and career

Jean-Charles Millepied

It’s obvious that Jean-Charles Millepied has a unique position in the much frequented world that we call abstract expressionism. His approach, marked by a rare humility, is one that renounces the three-dimensional form to elaborate a very personal universe where painting is deliberately subordinated to the spontaneous expression of the subconscious, and yet it is still tempered by reason. His particularly refined palette reveals shades that seem to come together in what looks like effortless harmony. 

His art of ardour reveals to us the scenery of his soul, deployed as many sources of joy, emotion, and a delight for the eye, where one wishes to stay. Here, the pictorial space is so immense that its qualities seem infinite, as such there is always some room left. Each and everyone can lose themselves and find a contagious serenity, a true beauty where colors, music and poetry converge. 

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