Julia Borderie

Work on paper


Julia Borderie

"The central position of my work is the drawing technique, made as a fleeting figure that allows try and testing. 

I am interested in creating drawings from contextual experiences that suggest a way to work, the format, the gestures, the content and the nature of my images. From a contemporary dance background, I explore in drawing the connection between gestures and body. 

I consider it as a print of an action that occurred. Drawing reflects a performance created by the movements of the artist’s body and his tools.

For this drawing set, it is all the process that creates the artwork. The 50x50 size assigns the drawing and the movement’s limits. First, the paper has been bent in order to create volume. I then, incorporate a mixing of graphite and spindle’s power. The impact created by the volume’s tremor (by the transportation or the game) will generate an uncertain mark on the paper that I deploy and reveal after."

Julia Borderie

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