Virgil Brill



Virgil Brill

At dawn, at some dawns, a man get out of his house and takes paths. He looks far away, waits, and looks back, always very far.

Eventually and sometimes, the man stops and opens a little box in front of the real world. The real world’s light gets inside the opening of the box and flirts with the “gelatino-bromur d’argent” – or her little brother.

From this encounter, few chemicals away  born an object baptized negative. The man whose name is Virgil Brill entrusts to another man the thing. This man is a well-known craftsman, who will slowly and with mystery, applied secrets discovered by his father and his grandfather. The result is here.

Strangely, within this result, there are allusions to old Chinese Taoist poets. Li Po, Tchouag-Tseu, Chen Tao and other members of their team. I put those funny men in a corner, they are disturbing – and I ask the first question: Is it a painting or a photograph?

It is photograph says Virgil – as Bresson would say from the Cineaste. But the question is not useless.

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