Juliette Lemontey



Juliette Lemontey

"It is the emotion and the silence that grabs me in front of the faces, the timeless and intensely present figures of Juliette Lemontey. With an economy of means, a sure line, large flat areas of dense black, red, walnut stain, Juliette paints silhouettes, faces, surprised in a moment of abandonment, of inner withdrawal, in a familiar movement. No voyeurism but an intimacy and a closeness that brings us back to our own physical presence, to our history. The faces barely sketched or erased are silent mirrors in which we dive in search of an encounter, a soul-to-soul dialogue. The old linen sheets used as a support by the artist preserve the memory of the bodies that have inhabited them and it is all the depth of time that emerges in the modernity and monumentality of the figures. Juliette Lemontey succeeds in fixing moods, fragile and suspended moments with force. "

Laure Boucomont, director of the Le Delas fondation

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