Prudence Dudan

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Prudence Dudan

Prudence Dudan was born in 1985 in Paris. Graduated of Decorative Arts and Sciences Po Paris, she loves pictures, words, books. She traveled to India, then to New York where she was invited in residence for a year at the Center for Book Arts in Manhattan, an art center dedicated to the book arts.

If her work already invested the book object, the poetic perception of the world and reading in the broad sense, it is there that she begins to intervene directly on the books that she collects.

The works on which she works are like her dreams, they relate to the endless landscapes of American natural parks, the seas and oceans, the art of ikebana, bonsai, Greek or Roman statues, Italian furniture from the 1970s, kit kitchens, Mediterranean architecture, Spanish crafts or even paintings by Titian or Gustave Courbet…

Throughout the pages, paintings, drawings, pieces of photographs and fabrics come to recompose a story, lighting through form and color.

“If we opened up people, we would find landscapes.

If they opened up to me, we would find beaches. "

Agnes Varda

Open up people, landscapes, colors.

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