Eric Dalbis


Biography and career

Eric Dalbis

“Dissonant and melodious, pink, green, yellow and blue stratum/levels, create fluid and light colours as Morris Louis’s veils, bright and intense as the “l’algam” that Daniel Arasse seems to see in Rothko’s artworks. 

No dig, no brightness’s effects within this haptic colours’ game. The sensation seems domesticate. Under the nearly geometric flat tints that could evoke Albers’ researches, vivid tints seem to be submerged by breaking in the blur of the lines. 

Playing with the transparency of the oil painting while respecting the “drying time”, is opting for the slowness and going back to the origin of the medium, with almost squared or big rectangular sizes/formats that are favouring the retinal’s immersion within the colours."

Carole Boulbes

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