Kahina Loumi



Kahina Loumi

Kahina Loumi develops an optimistic painting that questions the language of abstraction and the relationship to space. A painting where the mind feels free, where the feelings are happy. Aerial surfaces, soft colors, aquatic and transparent tones make up this series of paintings with a joyful melody and singular shapes, which in the history of painting we call « shape canvas ». Literally « formed frame », a cut out, drawn picture which transforms the frame into an element of the picture, blurring the line between outside and inside. The whole works like a musical score, a colorful rhytm with tense ans clen lines that float on space like painting windows open the ouside, in a mishevous serenity.

« I often think of the lights of the south, reminiscent of a chilhood spent on the shored of the Mediterranean, in a white city, where the sky meets the sea for an ancient blue all powerful »

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