Sophie de Garam



Sophie de Garam

Sophie de Garam’s paintings reveal a masterful continuity of color, line and tactile material, seemingly simple at first view, but sustainable and complex when seen thoughtfully at close range. The colored lines appear to float above the background as though detached from yet perfectly integrated with the whole, giving the impression that they were already there before having been painted! This provides a startling champ de profondeur. The quixotic freshness of this trompe l’œil effect goes hand in hand with Sophie’s avoidance of strict two-dimensional or neat formalistic approaches in her art. Unsuspected « figures » emerge and sometimes even disappear off the edges of her framed works, reminding one that these paintings might best be likened to fragments of a greater whole. Surprise effects and even accidents transform, by a kind of pictural counterpoint, any initial intention the artist may have had in realizing these pieces.

Jean claude Le Gouic, translated by Christopher Carsten

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