Max Bainbridge



Max Bainbridge

Born in London in 1991, Max Bainbridge studied Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art, where he graduated in 2013 as a photographer and sculptor.

In late 2014, he set up his studio practice with the artist Abigail BoothForest + Found, as a space for material research and cross disciplinary collaboration.

Bainbridge’s sculptural vessels hewn from wood, reflect a need to create a tangible and grounded presence in space though the physicality of the object. Taking the natural shape and form of the wood as a starting point, he uses woodturning, hand carving and elemental processes to create objects that are reflective of the making process; each piece displaying the physical effort that goes into their conception through the marks left on the surface.

Working with wood sourced directly from the landscape, his work forms a deep connection to place through the ritualistic relationships he builds between objects and their site of origin.

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