Cécile Laffonta



Cécile Laffonta

Cecile Laffonta is an interior architecte and designer, she’s co- funder of Ecce studio, based in Paris.

The dust of worksites and the noise of ateliers are the source of inspiration for Cécile Laffonta. She has preserved her love of experimentation, research and materials since the days of her formation at the school of Beaux Arts. Her sensitive approach and love of the plastic arts has led her to create each object as a unique piece, as a hybrid between design and sculpture, with an emphasis on re-purposing materials and artisanal knowledge.

Constantin is a series of four sculpted benches, carved from a single support beam, found on an old farm. The interplay of materials, the balance of their forms and the contrast between the rough and the precious are an hommage to the work of the famous sculptor, Constantin Brancusi.

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