Virginie Hucher



Virginie Hucher

Virginie Hucher is a french artiste who as a degree in fine art. After various experiences in a few artist studios ( such as Michel Gouéry, Bruno Lebel, Marc Alberghina), she developped an aesthetic mostly abstract in shapes that are hers. She is a colorist, her work is focused on nature, body and the living through out several medias : acrylic, oil, performance and sculpture.

Those colored formes are centered on the canvas, delimited by their strange shapes that are different to classic geometry. Those elements mostyl alone in the space, are following a balance between emptyness and fullness coming from taoisme culture. The backgrounds are as neutral as the shapes are full and there is no unnecessary details to disrupt their unity. Underneath those harmonious and shimmering colours, this is the nature that inspired her. Virginie Hucher doesn't hesitate to define her art practice as an commitment to the protection of the environment, wildlife, flora and life on earth. Those organic hybridation, plants or minerals, are way to stick to the essential.

Elora Weill-Engerer

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