Tove Tenga


Biography and career

Tove Tenga

Clay is my main material and I am experimenting to find my own techniques to work with. I use different hand-building techniques to get a more interesting expression and I like that the work of the hand is visible in the final stage. My interest lies in creating groups or systems where the works create a dialogue between each other. I am drawn to the non-symmetrical repetition and explore the interplay between pattern and shape. Graphic design, illustration and patterns is my inspiration and I’m looking for harmony, my own language or feeling. My work is mostly abstract that the viewer may interpret freely, but have a deeper meaning when looking closer.


The Knot is a knot that can not be tied up without cutting ties, a so-called Gordian knot. The Knot is about family ties. A band that is very hard to break. It's about joining new ties when you get new relationships or in my case when you get children. The strongest band is tied to my son.

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