Sharon Etgar

Work on paper


Sharon Etgar

Reality provides the observer with countless encounters and relationships between forms and lines, between empty spaces and eventful ones, and between colorful and tonal relationships. My work at the studio enables me to detach myself from the overwhelmingly busy and loud reality of everyday life and to connect internally to a language that I formulated over years of patient observation in nature and by way of dissembling and reconstructing the world around me using an abstract visual language.

My collages and paper cut-outs developed over time in parallel to my painting practice. They enable me to explore (directly as well as indirectly) relationships between people, aspects of nature and still life. Such relationships, I find, are tangible as well as energetic. They have colors and forms, they contain things in them, and they are in turn contained by things, they connect and detach themselves from one another, resist and give in to each other. This is where my interest lies. I formulate relationships between volumes, textures, forms and colors on paper and through this process I also formulate myself.

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