Alban Lanore



Alban Lanore

To talk about sculpture is easy, you just need to describe it. By describing it, we discover the person behind the sculpture. Actually, did he made it with his strength, with what he is physically, but mostly with what is in his mind, with his way to read the reality – a reality that is as much interior as exterior.


Alban Lanore’s sculpture is about the application of human strength on the carnal softness of the wood, about the application of the decision of the rapidity of the stool on the silent dream and the internal slowness of the organic material. Alban Lanore is associating two natures: the abstraction and rationality of a straight mind that finds his expression in the sharpness of still, and the radicality of metal on the imaginatif nature similar to the melancholic softness but secretly resolved of the wood. In his practice, those two states are expressed by opposition and not by conciliation, creating therefore a aesthetic of constrast. The secret design of wood suffers the flat forms and angles imposed by the sculptor. He is shappen inside by the forms and nevertheless beyond those interruptions, those brutal changes, beyond those neat angles, it continues is original course.


Alban Lanore is tall, strong and certainly brave. In front of his work, his tatses that create his sculptures, and the opposition of those two aspects, he stays free because he assumes completely his choices in terms of shapes and material.

And his freedom is beautiful to see!


Jean Anguera - Sculptor

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