Eduardo Martín Del Pozo


Biography and career

Eduardo Martín Del Pozo

Eduardo Martín Del Pozo’s most recent work, 2013 - 2018, is mostly originated from intuition and a pictural thought. 

In certain cases, we can find a gesture that bring the artwork towards figuration and the construction of a simulated space, and in other cases those same elements are developped towards a light space undefined, which the structure is fading away, like a  deviant gesture more pure.

One of the fondamental aspect of the artist work is the research on the link between fine art and music. Even if those last paintings don’t refer to this question, they are nevertheless, very influenced by Jazz or Flamenco, especially to find new rhythm. A large part of the process of making is made horizontally, on the floor, so the painter can move around the artwork, similar to a dance… Therefore, the movement of the body and the gesture become two fondamental tools for the Artist. With the eyes, they will show that the painting is, first of all, based on the relationship between the body and the matter.

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