David Lewis



David Lewis

The paintings that David Lewis has produced since 2005 are not, in the banal sense, simple extensions - or outcomes - of his previous pictorial research. The multiple colored strata that compose them contain all of the stages that anticipated their execution. Figurative landscapes accomplished from the end of the 1970s, with more abstract forms which arose during the following decade, they each include moments of their maturation, to surpass them in an ultimate gesture of overlapping which nevertheless reveals them, on the edges of the canvas, the sedimented traces. Such pictorial archeology could easily incite us to the retrospective illusion which would consist of seeing in these works the necessary consequence of an inflexible logic. It is not so. David Lewis’s paintings are the result of a succession of hesitations, dead ends, repentances which together contribute to the full affirmation of color.

Laurent Buffet 2012

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