Sandi Gehring



Sandi Gehring

Sandi’s work focuses on shapes found in nature and color relationships.

These relationships form the groundwork for her abstract compositions.

The series titled Landscape Abstractions, is derived from made and found landscape photos. The forms found in these images become abstracted by changing the reality of the picture which no longer needs to be  a landscape but instead becomes something beautifully in balance.

Working mostly in pastels but recently diversified into other mediums.

In her current series of oil paintings it is clear to see that the conversation that started with color has taken a new twist but is still active.  The oil paintings are a way of freeing up the shapes that were 

at first executed in pastel on paper in a square format.  Removing these

configurations out of their boxed in composition they are able to become free and soar across the large canvas. Liberation in motion.

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