Charlotte Bressollette



Charlotte Bressollette

She uses new supports for her pastels in order to explore matters in a contemporary way. By making large scale artwork she shows us all the amplitude of this medium.

Charlotte Bresollette is interested in revealing intimate humans feelings in-front of the vastness of an absolute nature, capable of bear oneself or to englobed him/her. 

To echo with her time, her art pieces give us to feel the end of the world ; Charlotte projects into her artwork beauty as a state of awe, a mixe of powerless, fascination and horror in front of the violent expression of nature destroyed by the human itself.

In between abstraction and figuration, realness and imaginary, those are pieces show the energy of nature itself.

The Sfumato of the horizons reveal the boundaries of our human condition, in the center of the immensity of the univers. 

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