Dimitri Roubichou


Biography and career

Dimitri Roubichou

The themes of my work revolve around the inner envelope of plant, mineral and body.

I like to draw the viewer's attention to the softness, the sensuality, the beauty and sometimes the strangeness of the natural matter through its skin, its texture and its forms.

Here I chose a photographic series on the theme of plants. I like the vulnerability, the delicacy and the dreamlike side that vegetable matter can reveal. This enhancement of nature is not at all idealized or naturalistic. It is rather an invitation to a contemplative or even phantasmagorical journey of a world at once familiar and secret where the imagination in all its place.

My subjects are deliberately decontextualized to put the matter bare. The light draws the contour of the subject gently without rushing it. Plants are shown here in a state of weightlessness, in an almost abyssal world.

This light "staging" opens a door to the interior of each.

30 x 30 cm - 250€

60 x 40 cm - 400€

60 x 60 cm - 700€

120 x 120 cm - 1 200€

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