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 Bling. Studio

Our work reflects and defines our view of design  : an artistic approach of the discipline. Starting from daily observations, our productions are focused on translating a reality marked by memories, sensations, past moments. We are trying to arouse emotions and reflections through contemplative objects, as witnesses to a certain temporality.

What attracted us to object design is that we can easily mix different artistic disciplines : architecture, graphics, painting, modeling, etc. This multidisciplinary aspect can be found in the reflection and conception of a project, but also in the creation, manufacture, and production of an object.

Our overall and artistic approach can also explain why we want to work in detail on our objects, and on what surrounds and accompanies them : references, texts (history, inspiration), illustrations, collages, graphics, typography, packaging, etc.

We pay close attention to details : in our opinion, to be attentive to every aspect of an object is a great quality for a designer ; it's mainly what makes us appreciate a designer’s work.

In the conception part of our work, we are looking for and feeding on many current references in object design, but we are also inspired by old objects. As much as contemporary objects, we are very interested in the objects of the past, forgotten objects, because they reflect the evolution of history of art, the different past art movements. This is a very rich source of inspiration in our work.

To us, design must reflect openness, curiosity, multi-discipline, it's a way of expression that can take all possible forms.

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