Dominique Mercadal


Biography and career

Dominique Mercadal

I graduated from the Applied Arts of Lyon in textile design, which influences my production in the work of materials and graphics.

I started ceramics 15 years ago as an autodidact, then I took a three-year training with Véronique Depondt to create my own high-temperature glazes.

I like that the eye is lost in false unities and finds images.
I produce pieces with rather simple forms, so as not to overload the reading. They are graphic, all shapes and materials. I am contemplative in nature, my inspiration comes mainly from nature and trees. But my passion for the living model leads me to treat the body as well.

I start from a simple plate of earth, I put it in volume, the streak, stamp it enamel, sometimes the rework with the brush. The form changes under these motives, the optical effects create vibrations, it comes alive.