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Studio de Laubadère

At the head of the Studio, the passionate designer Flavia de Laubadère conceives the design and interior architecture as the preferred means of transmission. Her creations allow us to read the millimeter-long repertoire of secular and sacred gestures. She aims to reinvent or divert the codes of traditional skill to offer a new vision of craftsmanship to her contemporaries. Secrets passed down from generation to generation, and beautiful crafts are an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Working hand in hand with renowned artisans, Studio de Laubadère fills itself with the particular cultures and particularities of each trade to better extract their essence. If Flavia likes to disrupt traditional manufacturing processes, she is keen to offer meaningful pieces whose value is measured by the extent of the science they take over. Walnut, bamboo, glass, ceramics, or leather: exploring the nobility of the substance.
The Studio creates a contemporary interior: landscapes with ancient stories that have been brought up to date, not hesitating to reconcile know-how to establish a dialogue between the different materials.

Design and interior architecture, but also design consulting, the Studio adapts to the needs of its clients to offer tailor-made services. At the same time, it is developing its ranges of objects and designed objects, in self-publishing or as part of orders from publishers.

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